“Forgetfulness”” could be a sign of a problem, and it’s not Alzheimer’s

  • Due genetic traits & family history we are told that Alzheimer’s & Dementia could be a high probability & that right now  there is nothing we can do to prevent it, yet on a daily basis I see new discoveries that give us hope.
  • Memory loss and confusion are among the most frightening aspects of aging but is it Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?
  • A recent study from the University of Toronto suggests that at least some forgetfulness may be due to hearing troubles.
  • The research, published the Canadian Journal on Aging. The researchers performed cognitive screens of elderly who complained about forgetfulness & found that while most of patients’ brains were functioning fine—it was their hearing that was at fault (Yet only 20%  were wearing a hearing aid).
  • According to a prior study, untreated hearing loss & having trouble communicating are risk for social isolation and loneliness—conditions that can contribute to dementia.


  • The bottom line is you can’t remember something you’ve never heard & you can’t follow directions if you can’t hear them…no matter how good your brain works.   
  • If you or your family member appear to have memory & cognitive issues, please ask your Doctor to recommend a Hearing Screen, because it may not be Dementia or Alzheimer’s after all!
  • If you are an M.D., consider adding a Hearing Screen to your Dementia & Alzheimer’s diagnostic tool box.

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