Vitamin D: how it could help you prevent Alzheimer’s & Dementia

  • Due genetic traits & family history we are told that Alzheimer’s & Dementia could be a high probability & that right now  there is nothing we can do to prevent it, yet on a daily basis I see new discoveries that give us hope.
  • The brain is a energy- intensive organ that needs the right conditions to stay healthy & continue to grow (Just like a house plant needs the right growing conditions  such as enough sunlight, soil nutrients & growth factors).
  • In “Atrophic Alzheimer’s” the brain encounters a sustained lack of “trophic support”  ie. right amount of nutrients & growth factors “ so it begins to wither (Atrophy) which gradually impairs brain function & cognition.
  • Past studies have established that Vitamin D, which people sometimes refer to as the “sunshine vitamin,” is necessary for maintaining healthy bones, immune system, cardiovascular system & endocrine function.  
  • A new study published in JAMA Neurology shows that Vitamin D insufficiency was associated with significantly faster declines in both episodic memory and executive function performance symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.
  • This makes sense since Vitamin D is a key tropic support factor (along with estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, pregnenolone, thyroid, NGF, BDNF) & a lack of tropic support factors elevates the risk of developing Alzheimer’s….yet over a billion people worldwide are affected by vitamin D deficiency.


  • Ask your M.D. to order a vitamin D test or order one yourself  
    • Optimal Levels should be between 70 to 100
  • If you are an M.D., consider adding a Vitamin D Screening to your Dementia & Alzheimer’s diagnostic/treatment tool box.
  • If you want to take control of your biology:
    • Expose your eyes to a little sunshine in the morning which reset your circadian rhythm (Which regulates sleep & impacts sleep quality).  
    • Combine responsible sun skin exposure with Vitamin D supplementation
      • If you live in lower sun exposure part of the world like I do, I recommend this FDA Approved UVB lamp (AM use only)
    • In order for the body to transform Vitamin D to the “active” form of vitamin D it has to go through “Sulfation” which happens with sun skin exposure.
    • Combine Vitamin D3 & K2 supplementation (In the AM)
      • Vitamin D drives Calcium into tissues while K2 helps to keep it there (For optimal age/D3 dose please use chart below):

2 thoughts on “Vitamin D: how it could help you prevent Alzheimer’s & Dementia

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  1. Hi Henry, thanks for sharing this valuable, feasible & low DIY cost approach! I think it’s great for those not requiring FDA Approved Device for their use case.

    Understanding that in the U.S. alone, approx. 75% percent of teens and adults are vitamin D deficient…your shared DIY recipe has the potential to improve and save hundreds of thousands of lives!

    I love DIY… I’ve recently ordered some samples from RayVio UVB LED’s and in the early stages of engineering a target low cost solution using this LED tech.

    Not sure if you are familiar with their narrow band UVB tech (293nm ultraviolet), but it was clinically proven to be 2.4 times more efficient than sunlight for Producing Vitamin D3 in Human Skin. Link to

    We @ Brain Mechanics Foundation would love to collaborate with others out there to build out a low cost DIY unit using these LED’s and making the design blueprint/DIY recipe open source as part of our mission.


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