Living Shadows

IoT has a classic concept of “shadows” – that is, a last known state of any device, as recorded. Same as the light of the long gone stars, a device may not even exist anymore – but its shadow would be there, in the system of records.

This is a great concept for anything lacking real-time communication, but how would it relate to what Brain Mechanics are doing?

There is a way.

Think patients. We do not necessarily want to trace their state real-time – would be too expensive, complex, and not really needed – all that we want to know is smartly spaced checkpoints, where we see if applied treatment led to improvement, degrade, or things kept the status quo.

Now, what if we would build a “digital persona” from these snapshots. And extrapolate changes in its state in the future. Naturally, that extrapolation would require some solid work on similar cases’ statistics – but let’s say we are successful, and our AI is well trained to predict common development of the condition.

All that remains to do in this case, is to incorporate in each persona these unique characteristics of its living prototype – et voila, we have a virtual life born from a real one!

We now can use that model (and not one, but thousands, millions of them!) to train AI on classifications and predictions. We can “evolve” these personas into something they could have been, and have maybe hundreds of “forked” variances of the same being. We can model entirely synthetic virtual personas, combining characteristics from multiple live and virtual ones.

Effectively, we can create a whole world of artificial human beings, used to sharpen AI recognition and correlation capacities.

So, what impact that may have to the rest of humanity? What value may that bring?

Possibilities are endless.

Depending on quality and complexity of the models, we could use them to predict development of various conditions, invent and analyze counteractions and test these. We can completely eliminate testing on animals or humans. We can even visualize these living shadows, and let them exist beyond the scope of life of their prototype! That is a ghost invocation on a totally different level…

And the only gotcha in that amazing structure, is the quality of the models. They inevitably have to be complex, and AI can only model them to the best of its abilities – which have to be “bootstrapped” analyzing real humans. I can totally envision banks of “virtual souls” of varying quality, from cheap “starter kits” to Cadillacs of Living Shadows.

This is a genuinely interesting concept, totally deserving further exploration. Would you be interested in being part of it? We want to to work with us. Join the team!

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