A little Green tea a day (or some carrots) could help keep Alzheimer’s away:

A recent study showed that a diet containing compounds found in carrots (ferulic acid) & green tea (EGCG) reversed Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in mice genetically programmed to develop the disease.

Some of the mechanisms improving cognitive function by these compounds is their ability to prevent amyloid beta plaques from forming in the brain, reduce neuroinflammation and oxidative stress in the brain.

These are key factors playing a role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease for certain Alzheimer’s sub types.

The dose used in the animal study is a human equivalent dose of 2.4 mg per kg of body weight.

Take aways:

In order to be precise with your minimal viable dose, the best approach is to take the EGCG capsules, since they indicate the dosage amount.

To calculate the right dose for you, first weight yourself & multiply your weight by 2.4 (if you are in the metric system).

If weight yourself in pounds, take your weight (example 150lbs) and divide it by 2.2 then multiply it by 2.4

Example: I weight 150lbs (68kgs) so my daily minimal viable dose of EGCG would be at least 163.5…but since the pills I take come in 200 mgs, i stick to getting the 200mgs.

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