Eating mushrooms = a healthier brain!

A recent study of seniors who consumed approx 150g of cooked mushrooms a week tested better on neuropsychological tests and had a 50% reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) compared to age-related healthy controls.

Even thought this was only a clinical, the researchers did see a dose-dependent effect with a weekly consumption of 75g of cooked mushrooms and a decreased risk of mild cognitive impairment.

One potential mushroom substance that may have brain benefits is ergothioneine. It is a novel anti-inflammatory & antioxidant that also accumulates in mitochondria. Humans can’t make ergothioneine, but it is present in a variety of mushrooms and if consumed you will reap the benefits

Take aways:

-Eat 2 cups of mushrooms a day to reduce your risk of cognitive impairment

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