Fear of the Machine

Every time I mention that I “basically work with systems of artificial intelligence which help re-wiring human brain”, I get these looks of sheer existential fear – and I can’t say these are not completely unjustified.

For centuries, our society was leveraging machines to “replace” people, since machines were much easier to control and maintain from sheer business perspective then people and other work animals. Luddites were desperately trying to fight back this tendency, but naturally, the business was inevitably winning.

Now if we step back for a moment and think of how technologies were actually impacting humanity, positive effect is undeniable. No one in their mind would prefer surgery performed with dirty obsidian “knives” to that performed by CNC-made surgical instruments.

So while technologies are commonly used to primitively “replace” people by something more expensive to build, but much cheaper to run – people learned to adapt to them, while carrying inside this existential fear of the new “machine” menacing their future.

Naturally, entertainment industry being traditionally servile to the business, yet happy to “amuse” generations of people by images of machine-led destruction, created the whole culture of “rebel” machinery destroying humanity – completely ignoring the fact that so far machines were only harming people for the benefits of businesses.

Interaction between machines and humans are so plagued with that fear, that it seems impossible to turn the tables… However, there definitely is a better way.

Think of the following: We, humans, create machines to compensate for our shortcomings. The roughest and most primitive way of doing that is replacing workers with robots. It is so basically inhuman, that many turn to “organic” and “natural” way of overcoming human shortcomings, or rather expending our horizons…

So… how about we take the best of both worlds?

Brain Mechanics uses “machine” to classify and correlate patterns of human body in its environment – including other humans and the whole variety of environmental variables. We are doing that to find root causes of most challenging health conditions, and then effectuate the most efficient action upon these root causes – turning the tide and helping body to recover.

Our approach is about “replacing” precious pills, carpet-bombing our bodies in hope to exterminate the unknown cause of “disease”. Our approach is to replace human judgement of the doctors with data-backed, reliable and consistent competency of medical practitioners.

Yes, we are going against entire industry here, and this industry wants people to be always sick, but not die – and keep paying, paying, paying for that miserable existence… And yes we are turning the tide not with some magic “tools”, rather, we create and implement a methodology of human recovery, leveraging most advanced technologies.

Which is all cool, but can we do even better?

Yes, we can.

Once we have that healthy human body, fully aware – thanks to our technologies – of what has to be done to keep it healthy and recover from any negative condition… next step is to optimize! What meditators and self-explorers were looking for through centuries? Ways of achieve harmony with the Universe, open human abilities way beyond common. Ways of interacting with our environment in most healthy and efficient way.

And this, my friends, is exactly what Brain Mechanics are tirelessly working on every day for many years now. And if you share our values and intent – we would be privileged to welcome you as part of our team!

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