The Power of Doing the Right Thing

The other day while driving down our busy interstate 4,  which is endlessly under construction, an amazing thing happened.  (Well at least in my mind).   I was on the daily commute from downtown Orlando.  Looking on the horizon, I saw brake lights popping up for no apparent reason, and then watched this car slow to a stop.  Surprised and well, honestly, with an elevated feeling of “What the Heck!!”, I hit my brakes, coming to a stop.  As I approached, I realized there was a construction barrel in the middle of the highway.  I slowed to a stop, not having another option on either side to move, and then it happened.

By this time, the barrel had gone into the interior lane.  At this point, the driver that originally had stopped, could have easily gone on his way and left it for the poor unfortunate souls whose lane the barrel encompassed, but to my most curious yet prideful surprise, the car did not move on. The door to the car opened, and a young man stepped out.  Without hesitation and about as cool and calmly as you could imagine, picked up the barrel and threw it over the construction barrier as if he had done this before.  Then he calmly got back into his car and went on his way.  HE CALMLY GOT BACK INTO HIS CAR AND WENT ON HIS WAY!!  (I’ll let you digest this for a second). This guy got out of his car, with cars around him going  70 mph+ coming to a screeching halt, honking their horns, throwing fits not knowing why he as stopped, whizzing by him on the opposite side of his car and the opposite side of the highway,and this guy puts himself in harm’s way to….


Although Im sure that a highway patrol officer would have let him have it for doing this, to me he is a hero.  Boy, do I wish I had the quick thinking to snap a video or picture of this young man and do a social media thank you to him!  For making my drive easier?  NO! For DOING THE RIGHT THING!!  This young man, by doing the right thing, not only illustrated the true nature of human beings, but more importantly, inspired some folks around him to cultivate this wonderful trait.  This deed illustrated that by just giving a little effort towards doing something selfless, something to benefit others, even if it is to simply keep the flow of traffic moving, or more importantly, keeping a massive car pileup from happening and saving lives,(Yes, it happens more often than you think, from 2011 through 2014, road debris caused more than 200,000 accidents which resulted in 39,000 personal injuries and 500 fatalities )by DOING THE RIGHT THING,one can have a tremendous impact of the life or lives of others. 

So, are you wondering, what does this have to do with Brain Mechanics?  Well, personally, I take great pride in being part of a team driven by a mission whose foundational characteristics include…..DOING THE RIGHT THING!   Our team of visionaries are consistently thinking and working outside the proverbial box.  Looking for solutions to problems, not to capitalize on a market, but because it IS the right thing to do!  We live during a time when this little rock we call Earth is the optimal environment for survival and good health.  If you look at the history of the Earth, we are very fortunate to exist in a tiny little window of time where food, water, air and the resources needed for survival and optimal health are in plenty supply.   Yet, for the first time in history, health care has surpassed manufacturing and retail, as the most significant job engines of the 20th century, to become the largest source of jobs in the U.S (The Atlantic).  There are certainly many factors that contribute to this, but human beings are NOT taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity for a healthy and happy existence here on Earth.   Enough so, that the industry responsible for mitigating this mostly self-inflicted quagmire of poor health is the second largest industry in the U.S. behind Finance and Insurance, accounting for 17.8% of its gross domestic product.  Let’s face it, its gotten REALLY EXPENSIVE to get sick. 

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing

The team at Brain Mechanics is not only driven, but committed to make a significant impact on this problem.  First and foremost, we strive at going to the root of the problem and finding a lasting solution.  Our founder, Karim Delgado, lost his father to Alzheimer’s.  He could not fathom that this terrible disease was basically a death sentence, so he committed the rest of his life to finding a way to counter and eradicate this disease from the face of the Earth!  This seed planted 5 years ago, has cultivated an immense synergistic group of medical professionals, scientists, iT technologists, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and generally just amazing human beings working towards changing the face of the health and wellness of human beings.  All researching, testing and implementing solutions to some of mankind’s toughest health issues and creating tools to implement these solutions at scale, with the goal of making these solutions open source and available to anyone. 


Please join us in our mission.  If you have the financial resources to help,you can donatehere.  If you have the time orspecific skills you can volunteerhere.  If you would like to become anadvocate for Brain Mechanics Foundation you can  become one of our Alzheimer’s Angels here.

Always do what is right – famous American writer Mark Twain quote printed on grunge vintage cardboard

At the very least, please visit our Social Media Pages(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and follow us.  Not only will you be able to follow some ofthe great work we are doing, but you will be getting a plethora of valuableknowledge from our team, relating to new health technologies, new developmentsin brain health, excellent ways to approach many daily challenges, and lots ofinformation from some of the worlds brightest beings! 

Of course, please like and follow this blog page andvisit tolearn more about our company and mission.

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    1. Thank you 😊. The one leaning towards the subjective side and the other towards the objective …I often wonder if many of the acute challenges in life pose themselves in an effort to find the balance or wisdom between the two.


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