Who Needs Websites Anymore?

Humanity loves to get stuck in familiar things. I guess effort required to understand them, drains intellectual capacity so severely, that people just refuse to keep up with progress… until it is too late, and it insistently knocks at their door.

Consider eCommerce websites. Just about twenty years ago it was hardcore – a huge step ahead from printed billboards and mail order catalogs! Just imagine – you could actually browse stuff, figure out what you want, and place an order… all by yourself!!

What fear, eh? “Awww and poor retail store clerks, what would they do? Owww and poor retail businesses themselves – how would they survive? Ahhh but the quality of junk you buy online is certainly worse than what you can feel when digging through pile of things in store… Right? Right?? And we would give you a discount if you come by!!”

Old good lack of desire to change for good…

Not only that, but hey – we are now living in the world where our wearable devices know about us more than we ourselves! They track our heart rate, steps walked and stairs climbed, calories and body temperature… they know where we are at the moment, and can record audio and video of what we are doing with or without (khm) our consent!

And you still need to do business the old way? Like, wasting your time over and over again explaining a next sales rep what is that you need, and why that and not other, and negotiating price, and handling delivery… All these countless hours you could have used to enjoy your life, to be productive and have fun!

Really?? How about we delegate?

If we are wearing a set of sensors all over my body (and times when these would be plugged in directly into our nervous system, interacting with nano-robots flowing within our blood stream, are literally around the corner)… Why do we bother to waste our time in error-prone manual analysis and translation of our needs, when communicating them to other people and businesses?

We don’t need that.

Learn to delegate. Learn to trust these simple and silly machines that can massively help digitizing not just your biological persona, but your entire lifestyle… Let them collect and share that information (in a safe, consent-driven way) with massively powerful remote “intellect factories” – to figure out all sorts of patterns of your body within its environment… That will change your life for good.

Because now you do not need to listen to your inner self and figure out whether it is prudent to order pizza or sushi – you will have recommendation right in front of you (say, projected directly to your eye retina). And not only these recommendations would take in account your prior life history – they would compare it to billions of other lives, find matching trends, and effectively predict your future! Thus being able to give you advice on what to do and what not to do to perform your best.

Your healthiest, smartest, most creative and happy best.

Do you think that world populated by these people would need eCommerce websites? Billboards? Even businesses as “storefront” entity?

Not at all… In that brave, new world, machines – complimenting, supporting and helping you to perform your top, would be able to order – on your behalf, fully automatically – anything you may need. Planning ahead and giving you a heads-up. The whole system would massively eliminate intermediaries, since anything you may ever need would come directly from a producer…

Oh my, now I am hearing an outcry of massive industries seeing their demise! Too bad, buddies – since making our bodies one with machine is almost there, and it comes as unstoppable, as desire of our governments to stick their nose in every aspect of our lives. Well, they would face an unpleasant discovery in their time, too – but overall, that would be the driver to make things described above, reality.

Like the idea? Have your own? Well, this is how we ride that horse here at Brain Mechanics… Join the team, we want you to build future together with us!

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