Hola World!

I want to officially introduce you to this beautiful, humbling, roller coaster ride that I’ve have been honored to be a part of for the past few years. 

6 years ago after my Father passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease, I promised him that I’d find a solution to this horrible disease.

Having a health & advanced technology R&D background, I began to assemble a revolutionary team made up of some of the world’s most caring & brilliant medical, technical & system’s engineer thinking minds to help drive the needed innovation.

We are now called the Brain Mechanics Foundation.

Our Mission is to create open health blueprints for highly scalable, low cost & bio-individualized, non-pharmaceutical solutions to neurological disorders, starting with Alzheimer’s.

Since we are the Open Source Health Foundation, our mandate is to share these innovations using an open source licensing model, where by default they become a legally protected resource for all humanity to use free of charge.

After 6 years of intensive R&D, we are happy to share with you a quick glimpse of the results of our work:

  1. The Alzheimer’s Resolution Protocol: it’s a remarkable functional medicine therapy that is not only able to stop, but also reverse the cognitive decline & behavioral issues associated with Alzheimer’s. It’s a complete, multi-faceted solution that improves the quality of life for the patient, their families and their primary care takers.
  2. Open XAI: it’s the world’s first AI technology that can explain itself using natural language, so that we can trust it to make medical decisions for us.
  3. Open Sense: A Machine Learning & AI infused sensor platform that allows us to take real time, health snap shots (and moving pictures) of a patient in order to quantify them at the molecular level, with the goal of producing an order magnitude reduction for patient diagnostics, treatments while producing much richer data sets (Can you say 100 X more data sets for 19X less of the cost of standard of care approach?).

At the Brain Mechanics Foundation, “changing the face of health care” is not just a catchy phrase we like to throw around for marketing purposes, it’s simply what we do every day.

Yet there is only so many of us, we can’t do it alone.

It’s time to take things to the next level.

And to make it happen, we really need your help!

How you can help us:

  1. Check out our site and if you like what you see, help spread the word by sharing us via social media (Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin , Twitter , and our blog https://brainmechanics.blog/)
  2. Help us Kick Start this Grass Roots movement by making a small one time or monthly donation or becoming an Angel for your favorite cause.
  3. Volunteer or sign up to participate in any of our crowd sourced R&D Projects or Research Studies.

Thank you for your help,


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