Meditation Is A Superpower

In honor of the recently released, Avengers: End Game, I am here to tell you all, there is a Superhero in you! Meditation, often thought of, through the years, as some sort of spiritual new age mumbo jumbo, has recently been explored by the scientific community. Guess what, it is WAY MORE than its often referred to stigma. Quite honestly, it is truly a Superpower!

Meditation and the practice of calming the mind is just as important an exercise as physical exercise. Calming the mind, ahhh, that sounds wonderful, yet it is often misinterpreted. Many think that calming the mind represents controlling the constant flow of thoughts and information going through your head. This, my friend, couldn’t be further from the truth. This would be like trying to control the rain, impossible correct? Well, the same goes for that constant flow of madness going through your old noggin.

The goal is not to control the constant flow of thoughts and feelings, but to control how that little thing called the self, (you know…I, me, my, mine) and its mental faculty reacts. If you think of the flow of thoughts and feelings as the rain, complaining, getting agitated, feeling disappointed, feeling angry, and all the other emotions that go along with it, are really the product of a chaotic mind, a mind that is not calm and is out of control. You have absolutely NO control over the flow of thoughts, just as you don’t have any control over the rain. The only control you do have is how you react to that flow.

This is where that Super Power comes in, called meditation. Through meditation, you are rewiring how your react to stimulus. You are keeping that very reactive mind in check, by engaging, really, in concentration training and disciplined focus on what IS. Through this rewiring, Meditation can reduce stress & aged related memory loss, control Anxiety, blood pressure & pain, promote emotional health, self awareness, attention span, kindness and sleep, and darn it, it’s free to do. Young and old alike can do it just about anywhere, and there are all kinds of resources that can help you on your exploration of this amazing practice.

For example, this EEG based headband by Muse. This headband measures your brain activity and can measure the amount of time your brain is calm, neutral or active, as illustrated in this report given on the Muse app. Matt, our Chief Evangelist, has been practicing meditation for some time, but he says when he started, it is likely his numbers would have read the exact opposite! So he is living proof of just how amazing this tool of meditation used to calm the mind can be!! We at Brain Mechanics ( have meditation training as part of our protocol for most of the therapies we are creating! Please support our mission and visit our website to learn more and get involved! We need your skills and talents to complete our mission! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and like and share our blog for some great tips on health and technology!! Learn how we are using interesting approaches such as tDCS, tACS, PEMF, neurofeedback, the RECode Protocol and AI to eradicate Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases from the face of the Earth.

The time is now, BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION!

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