Empower Your Health

“Creatures of Habit We Are”, a little saying I often use during conversation, when the topic is a recurring hardship one faces. We are a funny little animal, top of the food chain, yet our wiring, in many ways, very similar to that of our community of Earth bound animal friends. Slave to our senses and driven by a basic sense of survival. The story line observably different, but the foundational wiring much the same. We experience (through our senses), we feel (through our nervous system), we react (based on our wired habitual signal to the feeling), we attach (create a stronger wiring by reacting) and repeat.

One major thing that sets us apart from our fine neighbors, is the subjective nature of our kind. It is almost as if it evolved as a part of our neurological construct transitioning from true life or death survival to a sense driven “mental” survival based on fulfilling our innate desires or driving away our less desireable experiences. We live in a pretty awesome time period when food, water and other basic survival needs are plentiful and our ecological environment is optimal for true survival.

Wisdom Is Good

Interestingly enough, our only salvation from this trait, is a very misunderstood term, called wisdom. The word itself has multiple meanings when searching the generally accepted word definition sources. Wisdom, for the purposes of this article and in my mind is the ability to objectively observe the reality of what is being observed, at that moment. Basically, being able to see things as they are, not as you “think or feel” they are, or even been preconditioned to see in a way that may or may not be the whole truth.

For example, in my teens I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, regarded as an incurable intestinal disorder. There were medications thought to mitigate the symptoms, but none really helped. Eventually, I had to have a bowel resection due to nearly total obstruction, having multiple feet of my small intestines removed to mitigate the blockage and the diseased area. Unfortunately, although helpful, the symptoms continued on. I had to completely make a massive shift in just about everything I did, from diet, to how I engaged with life, with alterations in my social life. Yet, as mentioned above, creatures of habit we are, and to make these changes was terribly difficult.

As I continued on with life, trying to mitigate the issues, make the suggested changes, I never really found relief, until one day I had what I like to call a, “wisdom moment”. I was sitting in my living room, currently in an acute flare up of the disease, contemplating what I could do. Then I looked down at my arm. Earlier that month I had cut my arm on something, and by this time half of the cut had healed nearly back to normal. As I looked at the healed part of the cut, I thought to myself, “if my body can heal itself on the outside, why couldn’t it do the same on the inside?”.

I rationalized that if I can give my intestines a break, not irritate them, much like the cut on my arm, keeping it protected from exterior irritation, then maybe my inside would heal much like the cut on my arm. How could I do that? Well, by fasting. I researched several fasts, and found one that made sense to me, The Master Cleanser and engaged in fasting for 2 weeks straight, following their process. That was in 1997, and I am proud to say, nearly 22 years later, that I am Crohn’s Disease symptom free.

By looking beyond my preconditioned thinking, that “this disease does not have a cure”, that I must fully trust the health of my body to only conventional processes and protocol, and instead using wisdom to objectively take a look at the healing process of my body and correlate it to another part of my body, I was able to find (atleast up to now) a solution to my problem. I empowered myself to see the whole picture, to make sense of a possible solution, and then take the needed action to give it a try.

Empower YOUR Health

At Brain Mechanics, we are researching and developing solutions that will help you empower your health. To give you the tools needed to take advantage of some very profound “wisdom moments”, had by our team of brilliant minds. It will require you to have a wisdom moment of your own, by being able to look outside the proverbial box, and take an objective look at yourself or your loved one, transcend beyond the habits of your current state and make the needed changes to transform your condition, to vastly improve your life.

Come check us out at Brain Mechanics,  www.brainmechanics.org to see how we are using interesting approaches like machine learning embedded bio-metrics, functional medicine, tDCS, tACS, PEMF, neurofeedback, the RECode Protocol and AI to eradicate Alzheimer’s from the face of the Earth.

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