Social Enterprise: Our Way

Number of people who have “ideas” is scarily impressive. And while these range from primitive to ingenious, their true value really depends on a variety of factors – from education level, to ability for overarching thinking.

That said though, our ability to make our dreams reality, varies in even wider range – from “coach thinkers”, to lucky innovators who become a celebrity once their great ideas take over the world.

Why do I call innovators lucky? Because their life is a lottery, and odds are almost invariantly against them – be it a competing genius burning her brains in the same area, or be it a large corporation happy to buy and strangle “dangerous” idea, before it impacts their rigid and slow to innovate business.

Naturally, society loves to tease innovators with a promise of winning because of the talent. Facebook is full of dramatic success stories where a homeless underage refugee creates a new way of cleaning oceans from plastic… or something to that extent.

If you were ever in the innovator’s shoes though, you will know for granted that nothing comes for granted. That no amount of talent would give you critically important investments, and no amount of ingenuity would get you protected from a heavy hand of scared corporation.

So innovators learn to be street-smart. They perfection ways of pinching the market through wicked “verticals”, creating new lines of business seemingly away from reach or understanding by corporations – while being sufficiently cheap to build on tightest budget.

Instead of being innovative in innovation sense – as in creating new and exciting things that would move humanity forward and upward, “lucky” innovators master the art of vertical penetration.

Some of us go corporate. We infest these slow, ugly, rich monsters with our crazy ideas – and have them implement it… if we are lucky. Knowing all too well that our name would unlikely be even mentioned in conjunction with our inventions. And that all we would get from the huge money bag filled with dollars on our behalf, is a lame bonus.

Others go wildcat – start-ups! Begging for money with persistence and pathetic level sufficient for a professional bum, we crawl the garbage dumps of civilization to find scraps and built our magic vertical spear, which would hopefully bring our idea to the world surface…

This desperate, miserable struggle of most ingenious people humanity managed to produce, looks especially tragic with a shiny background of bold corporate reports on the new ways of making people pay. Adding some tear-squeezing stories of saving the wails (or the snails), so that naive souls would still believe in miracle. Which in this context, adds insult to injury.

Brain Mechanics believes in a different way of making ideas happen.

We believe in power of social enterprise.

We trust people to bring their ideas and realize them through us – not oppressing the geniuses, but allowing them to blossom fully on our technological and business platform.

We crave people being smart, talented, innovative – and share their talent with the world through the infrastructure we are creating.

No money in the world would have allowed us to pay the number of geniuses that contribute to our development. So we are not talking money – we are talking the common cause!

We want you to come to us and do what we are doing, better. And, sharing our values, to benefit from making the world better – and to profit from those who would want to use your talent for profit.

Just come to us and ask how Brain Mechanic does it? We would be happy to explain.

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