Hola World!

I want to officially introduce you to this beautiful, humbling, roller coaster ride that I've have been honored to be a part of for the past few years.  6 years ago after my Father passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease, I promised him that I'd find a solution to this horrible disease. Having a health &... Continue Reading →

Eating mushrooms = a healthier brain!

A recent study of seniors who consumed approx 150g of cooked mushrooms a week tested better on neuropsychological tests and had a 50% reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) compared to age-related healthy controls. Even thought this was only a clinical, the researchers did see a dose-dependent effect with a weekly consumption of 75g... Continue Reading →

Get your Sweat ON to keep Alzheimer’s @ bay

When your body's core temperature after a certain time threshold, your body produces heat shock proteins (HSP). A recent NIH Study, showed that HSPs are activated as part of the body's hormetic response to heat stress either from physical activity or sauna or other modalities of heat exposure. In the brain, heat shock proteins prevent... Continue Reading →

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