Finding “The Moment”

Have you ever wondered why it feels so different when you are doing something you want to do versus something you have to do?  How about something you love to do versus something you can’t stand to do?  How about something you believe in versus something you do not believe in?  Wait, people actually put... Continue Reading →

Learn To Let It Go

Recently, while giving a little instruction to a meditation student of mine...well she also happens to be my wife, a way of illustrating one of the goals in meditation, came about.   I was attempting to describe the process of letting go.  Letting go of what, you ask?  Well, I continued on, that during meditation, we attempt... Continue Reading →

Meditation: The science, health benefits and the practical tools to help you get started.

Key Points: A growing body of research supports the immediate benefits of meditation, such as reduced stress and anxiety levels, lower blood pressure, and enhanced happiness. Other benefits include improved attention, memory, processing speed, and creativity.  Meditation may also help counteract age-related loss of brain volume and increase telomere length. By Meditating for 20 minutes,... Continue Reading →

Meditation Is A Superpower

In honor of the recently released, Avengers: End Game, I am here to tell you all, there is a Superhero in you! Meditation, often thought of, through the years, as some sort of spiritual new age mumbo jumbo, has recently been explored by the scientific community. Guess what, it is WAY MORE than its often... Continue Reading →

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