Who Needs Websites Anymore?

Humanity loves to get stuck in familiar things. I guess effort required to understand them, drains intellectual capacity so severely, that people just refuse to keep up with progress... until it is too late, and it insistently knocks at their door. Consider eCommerce websites. Just about twenty years ago it was hardcore - a huge... Continue Reading →

The Power of Doing the Right Thing

The other day while driving down our busy interstate 4,  which is endlessly under construction, an amazing thing happened.  (Well at least in my mind).   I was on the daily commute from downtown Orlando.  Looking on the horizon, I saw brake lights popping up for no apparent reason, and then watched this car slow to... Continue Reading →

Use Mind, Not Hands!

If anything, we the humans are really good at using our hands. Magnificent pieces of art, and incredible athletic acts were pulled out through that amazingly inefficient set of limbs, connected to the source of thought through intrinsic "interface" of nerves. Electric impulses within neural network of our brain release neurotransmitters into synapse, they bind... Continue Reading →

Brain Mechanics: Seed to Sprout

Hello, my name is Matt Jantomaso, Chief Evangelist and co-founder of Brain Mechanics Foundation.  I am privileged to have the opportunity to tell you an amazing story about two young men and a mission to change the world. Enter Brain Mechanics, the Foundation of Open Source Healt Although Brain Mechanics sprouted its roots a little... Continue Reading →

Fear of the Machine

Every time I mention that I "basically work with systems of artificial intelligence which help re-wiring human brain", I get these looks of sheer existential fear - and I can't say these are not completely unjustified. For centuries, our society was leveraging machines to "replace" people, since machines were much easier to control and maintain... Continue Reading →

Eating mushrooms = a healthier brain!

A recent study of seniors who consumed approx 150g of cooked mushrooms a week tested better on neuropsychological tests and had a 50% reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) compared to age-related healthy controls. Even thought this was only a clinical, the researchers did see a dose-dependent effect with a weekly consumption of 75g... Continue Reading →

Get your Sweat ON to keep Alzheimer’s @ bay

When your body's core temperature after a certain time threshold, your body produces heat shock proteins (HSP). A recent NIH Study, showed that HSPs are activated as part of the body's hormetic response to heat stress either from physical activity or sauna or other modalities of heat exposure. In the brain, heat shock proteins prevent... Continue Reading →

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