Hola World!

I want to officially introduce you to this beautiful, humbling, roller coaster ride that I've have been honored to be a part of for the past few years.  6 years ago after my Father passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease, I promised him that I'd find a solution to this horrible disease. Having a health &... Continue Reading →

Use Mind, Not Hands!

If anything, we the humans are really good at using our hands. Magnificent pieces of art, and incredible athletic acts were pulled out through that amazingly inefficient set of limbs, connected to the source of thought through intrinsic "interface" of nerves. Electric impulses within neural network of our brain release neurotransmitters into synapse, they bind... Continue Reading →

Living Shadows

IoT has a classic concept of "shadows" - that is, a last known state of any device, as recorded. Same as the light of the long gone stars, a device may not even exist anymore - but its shadow would be there, in the system of records. This is a great concept for anything lacking... Continue Reading →

The Magic of XAI

We are living in the world where mentioning AI scares most people right away - decades of primitive and silly fiction, depicting horrors of "robots taking over humanity" built yet another solid foundation for moral panic, whenever machine smartness is mentioned. However, should we really be worried? And why? Think about it this way -... Continue Reading →

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