Meditation Is A Superpower

In honor of the recently released, Avengers: End Game, I am here to tell you all, there is a Superhero in you! Meditation, often thought of, through the years, as some sort of spiritual new age mumbo jumbo, has recently been explored by the scientific community. Guess what, it is WAY MORE than its often... Continue Reading →

Hola World!

I want to officially introduce you to this beautiful, humbling, roller coaster ride that I've have been honored to be a part of for the past few years.  6 years ago after my Father passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease, I promised him that I'd find a solution to this horrible disease. Having a health &... Continue Reading →

The Power of Doing the Right Thing

The other day while driving down our busy interstate 4,  which is endlessly under construction, an amazing thing happened.  (Well at least in my mind).   I was on the daily commute from downtown Orlando.  Looking on the horizon, I saw brake lights popping up for no apparent reason, and then watched this car slow to... Continue Reading →

Brain Mechanics: Seed to Sprout

Hello, my name is Matt Jantomaso, Chief Evangelist and co-founder of Brain Mechanics Foundation.  I am privileged to have the opportunity to tell you an amazing story about two young men and a mission to change the world. Enter Brain Mechanics, the Foundation of Open Source Healt Although Brain Mechanics sprouted its roots a little... Continue Reading →

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